How to get to Mompiche...


Yes, we are definitely off the beaten path, but the best things in life require a little effort, right?


BY PLANE:  To Esmeraldas (ESM) via Quito (UIO), Guayaquil (GYE), or Cali, Colombia (CLO), costing approximately $170 round trip and taking just a blissful half hour! From Esmeraldas, you can hire a taxi to bring you the rest of the way for about $65, or you can come by bus (described below). The rest of the trip by land is about 2-3 hours total, depending on transport mode.


BY CAR:  In a taxi, rental car, or hired car ("flete"), it takes about 6 hours from Quito and 9 hours from Guayaquil. A taxi or private car charges somewhere around $200 each way, and a rental car costs about $80-100/day. We have several good friends that do "fletes" and speak some english, and are happy to help you set this up.


BY BUS:  The best route from Quito is via Los Bancos to Atacames, which takes around 6 hours, or from Guayaquil to Atacames, which takes around 8 hours and is overnight.




From Atacames, there are 3 bus options to Mompiche:

a) direct to Mompiche, taking 1.5-2 hours (not very frequent, last one is at 4pm)

b) on buses headed to Muisne, you can get off in El Salto and catch another connection (bus, taxi, or hitching) for the last 45 minutes to Mompiche

c) on buses headed to Chamanga, you can get dropped off at the entrance to Mompiche and find a ride (taxi, triciclo, or hitching) for the remaining 8km from there*


*If coming at night, it is best to get dropped off in the neighboring town of Tres Vias rather than at the "entrada" for safety's sake. Taxis & triciclos are easy to hire in Tres Vias: just 10 km and 5 minutes away!