"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller


We are a surfer-biologist husband-wife team that adores what makes Mompiche Mompiche: abundant nature, friendly people, the ocean, a slower pace of life, the jungles, and authenticity.


Morongo--who grew up here and is one of Mompiche's most unforgettable characters--is intimately familiar with the area, thrives on new people & travel, can surf a tube like nobody's business, and is an amazing dad to his three lunatic sons. Amy--an uber-dedicated conservationist who came from California to save the rainforest and never left--is a travel addict, solutions-seeker, serial mom, and global citizen with a tenacious belief in following your dreams and being real. Kai, Kingston, and Reef are just plain forces of nature. We fell in love with Indonesia when our Kai was 7 months old and since then the bungalows have morphed into a happy mix of rustic South American charm and Balinese attention to detail. We really look forward to welcoming you to our little corner of paradise!